Vegetable, Edible Oil Processing

Equipment, systems and solution

with our partners we design plant for vegetable oil, mainly in refining, fractionation, hydrogenation and winterization.

We deliver our equipment to various manufacturers of vegetable palm oils, seed oils and lauric oil.

Production Programme

The production programm comprises:
    •    Pre-treatment / Bleaching / Deodorizing
    •    Alkali Refining / Degumming / Neutralizing Plant
    •    Dry Fractionation Plant
    •    Winterization Plant
    •    Batch Neutralizer / Bleacher / Deodorizer
    •    Acidulation Plant
    •    Hydrogenation Plant: Stirrer Reactor or Loop Type
    •    Interesterification Plant: Loop Type
    •    Speciality Fats: CBS / CBR / CBE / PMF
    •    Upgrading / Retrofitting of Existing Plant
    •    Shortening and Ghee Plant
    •    Margarine Plant
    •    Bio Diesel Plant – Continuous and Batch
    •    Glycerine Distillation and Refining

Alkali Refining

Alkali Refining - Degumming - Neutralization

The Alkali Refining Plant is designed mainly for reducing the free fatty acid content and removing gross impurities such as phosphatides, proteinaceous and mucilaginous substances especially for the oils that contain high in phosphatide content such as soybean oil, sun flower oil and any other seeds oil. Other oil such as palm oil or coconut oil that contain low in phosphatide, may only require to be physically refined by steam stripped for removing the free fatty acid.

After alkali refining, the oil is water-washed to remove residual soap. The separators are used to separate the oil from the soap.

Capacity Range : 50 MTPD - 2000 MTPD


Batch Neutralizer - Bleacher - Deodorizer

Batch Neutralizer / Bleacher / Deodorizer

Batch System for Neutralizer / Bleacher / Deodorizer is suitable for the processing of speciality fats as well as oil. This plant is normally called as Post Refining Plant which the feed raw material is the fats or oil that has already been refined once. However, after the fats and oil go through other processes such as hydrogenation, or interestification or any others, the fats or oil has to be refined again in order to purify it.

Capacity Range : 5 MT - 25 MT per batch

Dry Fractionation Plant

 Dry Fractionation Plant

The ISE Crystallizer is designed for the process of producing normal olein [IV56-60] and super olein [IV65].

The features of the crystallizer are ;

    •    Material : Stainless Steel or Mild Steel with epoxy coating
    •    Stainless Steel cooling panel and agitator blades
    •    PLC / PC Control System
    •    Low energy Comsumption & low operation cost
    •    Flexible process operation for single or double fractionated product with high cooling surface area
    •    Various Feed Stock (Crude/Semi-refined/Refined)
    •    Membrane Filter Presses up to 30 bar
Capacity Range : 50 MTPD - 2000 MTPD


Hydrogenation - Interesterification

Hydrogenation / Interesterification

Hydrogenation is the process by which hydrogen is added directly to points of unsaturation in the fatty acids. Hydrogenation of fats has developed as a result of the need to;

    1.    convert liquid oils to the semi-solid form for greater utility in certain food uses
    2.    increases the oxidate and thermal stability of the fat or oil
Another processes used by oil processors permits a rearrangement or a redistribution of the fatty acids on the glycerol fragment of the molecule. This process, referred as Interestification, is accomplished by catalytic methods at relatively low temperature. Under some conditions the fatty acids are distributed in a more random manner than they were present originally. The rearrangement does not change the degree of unsaturation or the isomeric state of the fatty acids as they transfer in their entirely from one position to another.

The plant for each of the processes can be stirrer type or loop type.

Capacity Range : 5 MT - 25 MT per batch

Pre-Treatment - Bleaching - Deodorizing

 Pre-Treatment / Bleaching / Deodorizing

Normally the whole system is called PHYSICAL REFINING PLANT.

The design of ISE Continuous Plant is based on the minimum requirement of energy (manpower and bleaching earth consumption).

Retention Vessel, Slurry Oil Heater and Bleacher are under vacuum and steam agitation. No mechanical agitations are required in this system.

Bleaching Earth Dosing system and Hermetic Filter are fully automated and controlled by PLC.

Capacity Range : 50 MTPD - 2000 MTPD


The design of ISE Continuous Deodorizing Plant is according to the process and customer's requirement:
    •    Pack Column Structural Packing
    •    Pre-Stripper with Low Oil Height / Bed
    •    Washing Stage For Fatty Acid
    •    Internal Cooling under vacuum
    •    External Cooling with Spiral / Welded Plate Heat Exchanger
    •    Quick Feed Stock Changeover
    •    PLC Control Process System
    •    Efficient mixing of oil and sparging steam with mammoth pump

Capacity Range : 50 MTPD - 2000 MTPD



Speciality Fats

Speciality Fats

Mainly the speciality fats are CBS / CBR / CBE / PMF

Used the method of Static or dynamic dry fractionation.

Some of the specialty fats have to be hydrogenated at Hydrogenation Plant.

Capacity Range : 50 MTPD - 200 MTPD