Other Brewing Utilities

Cask Cleaner FRK-1

For internal and external cask cleaning.
The cask cleaning machine consists of a cabin
with spraying device for metal casks 15 – 100 l.

Type: FRK-1
Machine no.: 10918412
Built: 1985
Capacity: 40 casks/h internally and externally

Height: 1.900 mm
Width: 1.600mm
Depth: 1.800mm

Consumptions of cask cleaning machine FRK-1:

Connected Load: 4,8 kW
Electric Consumption: 3,5 kW/h
Hot water connection (1 ¼”): 0,75 m³/h
Cold water Connection (1 ¼”): 0,75 m³/h
Compressed Air: 0,75 m³/h
Steam Connection ¾”): 75 kg/h

The lower section of the cabin consists of a department for alkali
with built-in heating-coil, with temperature regulation.

On the left is a department for pre-water with built-in swimmer valve.
Both departments, alkali and pre-water, have a strainer-box with
removable double strainers and connection for alkali respective
pre-water pump at the back side of the cabin. For each department
an overflow exists to limit alkali and pre-water level.

The hourly cask capacity of the machine is determined as follows:

  1. 1 cask in- and outlet approx. 20 sec.
  2. constant spraying times for pre water, air and cold water 30 sec.
  3. adjustable spraying times for alkali 30 sec.
  4. adjustable spraying times for hot water 10 sec.
    Gives a total time of 90 sec.

Per hour it is a capacity of 3600 / 90 = 40 casks per hour.

If the alkali and hot water spraying time is extended, the hourly
capacity will decrease.

Consumptions of cask cleaning machine FRK-1 (for 40 cask/hour)

Pre-fuse: 35 A
Connected Load: 4,8 kW
Electr. Consumption: 3,5 kW/h
Hot water: 0,75 m³/h
Cold water: 0,75 m³/h
Air: 0,75 m³/h (absorbed air)
Steam: 75 kg/h

Cask Cleaner Jaust

Fully automatic cask internal cleaner for casks type WK

Capacity: up to 60 casks/h

The machine has 5 cleaning stations:

  1. Recovery Water and detergent
  2. Detergent brine
  3. Detergent brine and recovery water
  4. Detergent acid
  5. Hot water and sterilisation

Pump: Hilge Durietta

All used fixed and movable parts are made of stainless steel 1.4301

Complete with SIEMENS S5 control

Dimensions: approx. 3,5 m(l) x 1,1 m(w) x 1,8 m (h) – Feeding height 1,0 m

Krones Flamatic

Single-End Bottle Washer Krones
FLAMATIC Type: KES-3-3-430/49-80 R-VL

Capacity (bph): 66.000