KEG/KEGGY – Cleaning and Filling plant for higher capacity.

For the capacity range from 50 KEG/h the fully automatic KEG-/KEGGY internal cleaning and filling plant of the model range CLEANOMAT are available.

These combined KEG/KEGGY plant are equipped with different numbers of wash heads – depending on planned capacity – and one fill head. The Cleanomat plant as single machines are designed for capacities up to 100 KEG/h. To reach higher capacities two ore more plant of the same model are combined.

The supply tanks for the plant are built on a robust rectangle frame and their size depends on the plant capacity.

For external KEG cleaning we have severel models of external cleaners available.

On requirement the CLEANOMAT plant are equipped with a touch screen which will not only ensure an extremely comfortable operation but will also show all running processes of the plant. All necessary values can be entered over the touch screen and can also be modified if required.

Sample specification for Cleanomat CL5