MULTIMAT MT/2 and Bottle and Party-KEG Filler AF-80

BTB MULTIMAT MT/2 KEG Cleaning and Filling Machine

For beer, wheat beer, soft drinks and other carbonated or still beverages, liquids

For all commercially available KEG sizes between 10 and 50 liters as well as KEGGY. Machine with one head and automatic cycle.

Capacity (30 L KEG):
Approx. 17-20 KEG/h Washing and filling
Approx. 25-30 KEG/h Washing only
Approx. 50-60 KEG/h Filling only

The plant includes:

– 1 combined cleaning- and filling station
– 1 cleaning agent reservoir – 75 litres, electrically heated
– 1 SIEMENS S7 control unit and TOUCH display which shows all operation messages
– 1 stainless steel pump
– With automatic CIP-program – cleaning of the filling station
– Optimal KEG internal cleaning according to
– alternating air-release system (cleaning through feed pipe and fitting)
– The detergent is pressed through the feed pipe with 3-4 bar pressure
– KEG internal surface and feed pipe will be cleaned from top to bottom
– the detergent is pressed through the fitting with 3-4 bar pressure
– KEG internal surface and feed pipe will be cleaned from bottom to top
– Cleaning times and pressure monitoring will be adjusted and shown on the display
– Automatic program for cleaning casks
– Automatic program for wheat beer filling (automatic pressure release for cask fermentation)
– With connection to the utilities the plant is immediately ready for operation
– Voltage: 220V/50Hz, 7.5 kW
– Dimensions: 1.000 x 1.100 x 2.300 mm

The TOUCH panel SIEMENS OP7 allows individual parameter alterations of pressure, temperature, washing and filling time and in addition, indicates malfunctions. The cleaning results obtainable are similar to the larger KEG plant.

The plant is made of stainless steel, standard components are used.

For higher output, you can add a second MT/2. The area occupied by the machine is 1m² only.